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Support Courses

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We deliver academic support for students in their 3 rd year of middle school and their 1 st and 2 nd years of high school, preparing them to pass their regional and national exams.

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Language courses

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Learn English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, etc. with qualified and competent teachers, in individual or group lessons, in one of our establishments in Casablanca. Whether you are a child, adult or professional, we have the course adapted to your level and your objectives.

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Professional training courses

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We provide professional training in various fields, including finance and management, optics and optometry, video editing, and audiovisuals, in addition to fine arts.

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Preparation for entrance exams to top-tier schools.

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We offer preparation programs for prestigious national competitions. Each program is carefully designed to prepare you effectively and support you in achieving your admission goals within these renowned institutions.

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Preparation for civil service exams.

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For those aspiring to join the Civil Service, our center offers comprehensive and specialized preparation for various competitive exams, including thorough training for both written and oral tests, as well as mastery of specific required knowledge.

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University support courses

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We provide personalized university support courses tailored to the academic needs of students in economics and management sciences at the faculty.


headway prep institute.

Headway Prep Institute offers tutoring courses in Casablanca, with a commitment to academic excellence and an individualized approach. Achieve your educational goals with our personalized support.

Support courses in Casablanca

COVID 19 Online Learning and EdTech startup growth

Choose Excellence: Academic Support

We offer comprehensive coverage of all subjects to meet the full range of students’ academic needs. Whether it’s for homework assistance or intensive exam preparation, our tutoring courses in Casablanca are personalized, focusing on skill improvement and boosting self-confidence.

Our training programs


  • 3rd year of middle school
  • 1st year of the baccalaureate / high school
  • 2nd year of the baccalaureate / high schoo


We offer university support classes for students in economics and management sciences at the faculty.


  • Preparation for the National Medicine Exam
  • Preparation for the Common Entrance Exam for Engineering.
  • Preparation for the Common Entrance Exam for Engineering Schools in France.
  • Preparation for the National Entrance Exam at ENCG.
  • Preparation for the Entrance Exam at ISCAE.


  • Preparatory year to access higher education in CANADA.
    Preparatory year to access higher education in the USA.
    Preparatory year to access higher education in the UK.


For individuals aspiring to enter public service positions, our center provides comprehensive and
targeted training to prepare for entrance exams, delivered by experienced professionals from the civil
The training is based on the following program:
Acquiring fundamentals (General statute of the civil service, finance law, organic law of the finance law,
budgetary principles, public finances, etc.)
Methodology and written exam techniques (essay, multiple-choice questions, synthesis, etc.)
Oral preparation (CV mastery, time management, general knowledge, simulations, etc.)

Professional trainings

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Training in plastic arts offers students the opportunity to develop their artistic expression through various mediums such as painting, sculpture, photography, and more. Courses emphasize creativity.

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Graphic communication training explores key tools for graphic projects and introduces the digitization of images via software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, inDesign. These skills will be explored further in subsequent courses.

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This module provides an exploration of the foundations of business strategy, offering a thorough understanding of essential components.

Student Orientation and Reorientation

Academic and professional guidance

Expertise in guiding students in their academic choices and transitions, maximizing their educational potential.

Student Support

How to support students?

Personalized support that goes beyond academic advice, aiming to overcome challenges and foster
personal development.

Collaborative Workspace and Coworking

What is a collaborative workspace?

Our space provides a dynamic environment conducive to concentration for students and freelancers, promoting the exchange of ideas and creativity.

Space Rental for Training

rental of training rooms Casablanca

Modern spaces dedicated to educational events are conducive to productive and inspiring learning.

At the heart of our mission, the values that guide our path.




We consider honesty to be the fundamental element in our interactions. Our approach involves operating with integrity, transparency, and truth, fostering a trustworthy environment that facilitates learning and growth.

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Our dedication to the prosperity of our institution and our clients is unwavering. We enthusiastically channel our efforts towards attaining both educational and professional objectives, consistently aiming to fulfill the requirements.



In the ever-changing landscape of our world, we value adaptability. We are prepared to confront challenges, seize opportunities, and evolve while remaining flexible in our approach to education and training.

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At HPI, we believe that diversity is a source of enrichment. We are committed to promoting an inclusive workplace that celebrates the various perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences that constitute it.



Our approach to professional relationships is based on actively pursuing solutions and partnerships where all parties involved benefit. We believe that mutual success is the key to a prosperous future.


HEADWAY is not intended to replace established institutions; instead, it serves as an alternative choice. We are not rivals but rather work together harmoniously, mutually enhancing each other’s contributions.


Energy, creativity, and enthusiasm drive our dynamism. We foster a dynamic and energetic atmosphere within our institute, thereby creating an environment conducive to innovation and growth.


Illuminating Educational Light

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Our mission is to foster values such as ethics, commitment, and adaptability, shaping individuals who are responsible and skilled through a continuous quest for learning

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Every individual, regardless of their origins,discovers an illuminating path in education. Our vision is to inspire a community that embraces learning, diversity, and collective achievements.

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At HPI, we draw our inspiration from the belief that learning is a sacred journey, an opportunity bestowed upon us by the divine since the time of our inception.

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Proposed process: centered around the pair (teacher/student, teacher/learner): (See diagram below.) A process that places the teacher-student and teacher-pupil relationship at the heart of learning. A relationship that should be supported by all stakeholders, including the family, educational institutions, and training centers, as well as by society as a whole, in a spirit that preserves identity and traditions. In a spirit of affection and total respect.

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